Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top 25 Best/Memorable Film Experiences I've had during 2014: #20-16

Well, welcome to the part 2 of this list and if you haven't seen the first part of the list, you are in for a treat and if you want to see the list please click here. Now, I will start Part 2 of this list and they consist films in this particular list are iconic movies that everyone should see at least one time in my opinion. Also, if you are wondering what other hints, I can give to you, I will tell you that I will not give you any other hints and now it is time to start part 2 of this list.

16. Predator (1987 film from John McTiernan)

Predator is one of those movies that is so timeless when it comes to the various action movies that were made in 1980's. First, this is a really smart action movie that actually makes you think and during the 1980's there were a lot of fun actions movies, but they didn't provide the same feel that has made Predator a must see when it comes to action films. Second, I love how the film takes its time to show the monster itself instead of showing you it like in the first few minutes because it makes it such as suspenseful movie. Finally, this pace of how this film is worked brilliantly since there is never a dull moment in the movie, which I find very impressive since it is very hard for me to watch a film that entertains me this much like Predator itself.

17.Night of the Living Dead (1968 film from George A. Romero)

Night of the Living Dead is one of the most influential  horror movies of all time, but there are reasons why this film has made it to the place that it was in. First, the setting  and complexes of the society that the story was quite creative at the time when it came, but you have know your American history in the 1960's to appreciate what is going on in the film even more.  Second, the zombies in this movie are complete brutal in this movie and they are going to get what they desire for. Third, I love the fact that the film mainly relies on telling the stories of characters instead of relying on creepy zombies on the creepy movie. Finally, pop culture wouldn't be the same if George A. Romero if he did make zombies this menacing, so I am entirely thankful that he has created this movie during this time period.  

18. Sunset Boulevard (1950 film from Billy Wilder)

Sunset Boulevard is a easily one of the most creative film noirs out there when it comes to great storytelling and there are many reasons why I think this film was one of the best experiences I had when it came to the year of 2014. First, the way they combined Hollywood history when it comes to silent films and how films were made in a modernized way by telling us a story about a former silent star actress is clever. Second, there is so much surprises and secrets in this film that really impacted the movie and it made the characterization of this film more complex than it seems. Third, the quotes are in this film are just genius and there is no way that the screenplay wouldn't be as clever if it was made in 2015. Finally, the part in the film when  the person who sings Sunset Boulevard really sets the mood of the story and that's is easily one of the best iconic moments in film that I haven't seen in a long time.

19. The Lego Movie (2014 film from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller)

The Lego Movie was one of the most unique animation film that I have seen in a while and here is why this film is on this list. First, the humor of the film is so witty that it works perfectly for everyone no matter how old a person is. Second, the ending is like really creative and I didn't expect this coming at all, but I will not spoil how awesome the ending is. Third, the world building is so much fun and it literally represents the vibe that the place had before it got destroyed brick by brick (no pun intended you guys). Finally, the theme song is really catchy and it is really fun to sing to whenever you are in a negative mood.  

20. Dead Poets Society (1989 film from Peter Weir)

Dead Poets Society is one of the most inspirational and sadder  films that has been in my list so far and there are reasons why this film cracked the top twenty over the other films that provided a similar feeling to this feel except for the plot and setting. First, Robin Williams is the main reason why this is just that successful when it comes to being a modern classic that everyone has to see. Second, the ordeals that the characters are going through are really relatable and I am pretty certain that everyone who has or is currently a teenager have gone through something similar to what the character do in this movie. Finally, the bond that the students had with Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) is just a incredible thing to see and I wish that they were more teachers like Mr. Keating because they know how to make the subject they know a lot more less  tedious for students, while making the students feel like they can be themselves instead of being  serious student mode.


  1. Some phenomenal films, here. I like, not love Sunset Blvd. I absolutely love all four of the others. Great post.

    1. Thank you for the comment Wendell and I hope that you enjoy the next part of this list.