Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 2015 Blindspot Challenge Review: Three Colors: Blue

Krzysztof Kieślowski is a genius when it comes to making Three Colors: Blue. The reason why is because there are so many ways that a person can see the first film in the in this trilogy. For example, there are many creative forms of unique spiritual visions and meanings in this film that it easily makes this film stands out from the rest of the pack of countless foreign films I've seen .

Before I explain the reasons why I considered this film a must see in the selection of foreign films that everyone should  watch, I have to explain what the plot is about and why it is super clever. First, the film is mainly about a  grieving woman named Julie (Juliette Binoche) who is dealing the fact that her husband and young daughter has died in a car crash. I know that the plot it seems cliche , but trust me, the brilliance of the plot is that it actually takes it time to tell a story in a way that a cinephile hasn't probably see a lot. To me, I found this refreshing since it doesn't do what a film about grieving would normally do. Also, to me it makes the movie that much more special since it really made me think about what could possibly happen in the ending when I had first saw this film recently.

 The first thing that made me have a major wow moment in this film is the cinematography. I just find the ways that the used blue in the cinematography to be so creative, but symbolic at the same time. Another thing that I love about the uses of blue in the cinematography is that it is used in a subtle way, so it makes you really think about why every frame with blue colors is symbolic to the movie and Julie herself. The only problem that I had with the blue cinematography in this film is that it was overused at points. For example, seeing Julie swimming over and over again with various shade of blue was pretty tiring after seeing it multiple times, but I can understand why he put it there as to symbolize that Julie is drowning into her depression the farther she doves down to it.  Other than that tiny little flaw, the cinematography provides this film a way to be different in the way that it tells its story.

Another thing that has made me speechless on how amazing the film is how the score is used. Usually when I hear a musical score in a film, I just feel like it not a very important factor to me unless it is used in a way to make the film experience even more magical. The good news for everyone who hasn't seen this film at all is that the score really makes this film even more magical than it was beforehand. First, I love the fact that the score relates to Julie as a character, which I won't spoil for anyone who needs to see this film. Second, the score gives you a tiny little glimpse of having empathy with Julie, which I found really remarkable since you have to really think about why she does all the things she has done in this movie. Finally, the score literally transported me into a different story just for about a couple of hours which is the one of the reasons why watching films is one of my favorite hobbies.

Finally, the acting from Juliette Binoche is just breathtaking. I just love the fact that whenever she has close up shots in the film, that she has barley any expression what so ever and I found that stunning that an actress like her can portray her character like that. Also,I see why  Krzysztof Kieślowski wanted people to ponder on what is going on in Julie's mind because it makes this experience very complex to the point where people might want to re-watch the movie again. Another thing that made me feel flabbergasted when it came to her acting is whenever something absolutely normal is happening, she literally has the exact opposite expression that you wouldn't expect her to have and I can't imagine how hard it is for an actress or actor to act that certain way like Juliette Binoche in this movie.

Three Colors: Blue has been a fantastic beginning for me when it comes to exploring an trilogy that has been talked about ever since it has been released in theaters and I can't wait to see Three Colors: White on this upcoming April of 2015.

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