Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 2015 Blindspot Challenge Review: Three Colors: White

After  Three Colors: Blue, the second film in this trilogy was a fresh breath of air. First,  having a combination of some very dark humor that isn't laugh out loud friendly at all  with a quick pace was really great. Also, it was easily the most entertaining  one of the trilogy that I have seen so far, but the thing that stands out in this film is that  Kieślowski knows that he needs a lighter film and that is what makes this film not feel so repetitive when it comes to the first film . 

Instead of dealing with an emotional woman, who is in a deep depression after losing her husband and daughter  in the first film, the plot involves a man named Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowski),  who is trying to get some revenge on his wife Dominique (Julie Deply), after he  was deeply humiliated at the court when he wife announced that he didn't love him a more. Personally, the plot easily the most laid back in the film with the symbolism, while they show the color of white pretty frequently. The only problem I had with the plot is that the murder sequence and the ending did not make any sense to me since it wasn't that believable. I am pretty certain that Kieślowski has a reason for it, but right now I can't grasp why those moments in the film are symbolic to the color of white at all.

Another thing that was quite different in this film is the character study of Karol was quite different than the character study of Julie. First of all, the main reason for him starting this journey is for revenge since his ex- wife took everything from him, but at the same time he tries his best to be as normal as possible despite the fact that he is considered a criminal. Second, his way of coping was basically trying to re- build his life all over again. The reason why is because it basically helped him distract the wanting desires of his heart, which is Dominique. Finally, once the ending was about to come, the audience can tell that he was in pain even though he tried to do everything to win Dominique again since he realizes his mistakes that he did as a husband. Also, if you want a simplified version of this sentence when it comes Karol wanting Dominique back, this particular lyric of Katy Perry's The One that Got Away that sum it pretty well. By the way,  the lyric that describes the a of the movie is : I should've told you what you meant to me (Whoa)'Cause now I pay the price. If that lyric doesn't summarize the longing Karol has when it comes to Dominique, I don't know what else would work when it comes to a lyric of song. 

One of the other things that made me go this is very different is the cinematography again. I know that seems pretty weird that I am talking about cinematography since I normally don't talk in any movie reviews that I do, but in a movie trilogy that is called the Three Colors Trilogy it is very vital that the camera to focuses on the color that the film is talking about. Thankfully, in is film they focus on the white color very well by making it very beautiful, while showing the purity that white has. Also, if they didn't focus on making white the main star of the show by showing different aspects of this color, the story wouldn't have work out this well. 

Finally, the last thing that I will talk about in this movie is the acting from Zbigniew Zamachowski. Personally, to me no one can match the sure brilliance that Binoche had as Julie in Blue in this trilogy, but besides that he did a stellar job as well. One of the things that I found remarkable about his acting is the fact that he can switch emotions in a very calculating way . For example, there were some moments where you can tell he was proud of himself as a character, but at other times he felt empathy for others. To me, that is something I love about seeing complex characters in general, so I applaud him for playing someone like Karol.

Even though White might be the weakest film in the trilogy that I have seen so far, the massive potential of Red becoming even better than Blue or still around the same level as Blue is very exciting for someone who hasn't seen Red. Also, if the last film keeps it up with the great character developments, cinematography, and meaning of symbolism that reflects the plot vey well, this trilogy to me will be considered one of the greatest trilogies that I have seen since in a while since  the Before Trilogy.