Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 2015 Blindspot Challenge Review: Three Colors: Red

Seeing the end of a trilogy that any cinema buff has invested their whole time when it comes to watching for the first time is like a swan song.  The reason why is because they will never have the experience of watching it for the first time again. Also,  the good thing about this end of the trilogy is that is still combines the things we except from this trilogy, while providing the audience a different perspective of what the color red means to this movie.


The plot of this movie is about a lonely woman named Valentine (Irène Jacob)  who is an kind and helpful person that develops a unlikely friendship with a retired judge named Joseph Kern (Jean-Louis Trintignant) that has unfortunately lost faith in humans being itself. Also, this plot is just remarkable to watch and I will give you my opinions of it. First, the foreshadowing of this film is so creative to me. For example,  I found it very clever that the similarities to between Joseph Kern and Augustine (Jean-Pierre Lorit) to be quite interesting since they are so similar except for the age difference of about thirty years combined. Also, the part where Joseph Kern tells Valentine his dream in the film about her falling in love with someone who makes her happy makes me think that Augustine will be the one since they always are intertwined together throughout the movie when it comes to walking and being at the same area together without them realizing it. Another part of the plot that made me appreciate this movie a lot is the fact that anyone can infer what the symbolism is about without Kieslowski forcing the audience to go along with the idea he has engraved in his mind for this film.  Finally, the last thing that I found very remarkable about this plot is the ending because all of the characters we invested our time too during the whole movie will have the liberty they were looking for and to me that is a beautiful and hopeful thing to see to make this film impact even more powerful than it would anyways.

Second, the acting in this film is just blows me away. First of all, the chemistry between Irene Jacob and Jean-Louis Trintignant is just amazing because I love the fact that it doesn't rush into things at all, while still providing the major theme of this film. The only bad thing about the acting is that the chemistry between Irene and Jean really overshadows their own individual  performances despite the fact that they were good to watch.

Finally, having the experience to watch this trilogy for the first time was defiantly life changing for me since it made me think of colors in a different way than I had thought about them anyways. If it wasn't for these three films, I probably would of still thought that colors are just plain instead of thinking that their is more to learn about colors instead of what types of colors would look good in my artwork.  Also, if you haven't seen this trilogy you should see someday because this film is easily change your life when it comes to looking a colors at a different way, while giving you complex symbolisms and great storylines that will make you easily invested in this trilogy.