Sunday, September 6, 2015

Top 25 Best/Memorable Film Experiences I've had during 2014: #15- #11

Hi, you guys, I understand that I'm very late to this post and haven't done one since January, but I'm motivated to get this over with and now I will start the list, so I can get the top ten started.

11. Jaws (1975 film from Steven Spielberg)

Jaws is the ultimate summer blockbuster and it is for a reason. First, the fact that you don't see the shark that much is great because you can easily learn more about the background about the town and its characters before the climax really begins. Also, Bruce the  shark presence in the film was very mysterious and that's why Jaws to me stand the test of time when it comes to the ultimate blockbuster.

12. Eraserhead (1977 film from David Lynch)

When I was watching this last year, I didn't that much about it all except that it was a David Lynch film and that it was the debut of his, but let me you that if you don't know what your getting yourself into, it will quite a memorable experience for certain. Personally, it wasn't like a very entertaining movie in general, but the fact that this movie sticks in your mind is very remarkable for a debut film of David Lynch and I really don't want to see this movie again because of that particular reason.

13. Suspiria (1977 film from Dario Argento)

This movie  is easily a one of a kind experience that I wish I can experience for the first time again since it really blew my mind in many ways. First, the cinematography was so beautiful and so detailed when it came to the colors, the patterns, and the way the frame were shoot like artwork that could gone in the finest arts museums around the world. Finally, the plot really adds its creepiness once you get farther to the movie and the climax of this film is just memorable in so many ways. Also, this one of those movies that everyone should see because they don't make horror movies like they used to anymore.

14. Evil Dead II (1987 film from Sam Raimi)

For me, making me laugh in a horror movie is very hard, but with Evil Dead II, Sam Raimi does the perfect balance of comedy and horror at the same time. Also, the fact that Bruce Campbell is one of the rare gifts when it comes to comedic acting because physical humor is very hard to pull off in general. That's why Evil Dead II stand out from the normal horror movies that I have seen multiple times.

15. Aliens (1986 film from James Cameron)
This movie is awesome sequel just in general. First, I love the fact that Ripley is just a strong women who is capable of doing anything she her mind to and I find that very awesome for a female main action hero. Second, the action,science fiction elements, and the horror is very thrilling and tense, which made me very hooked to the screen.  Also, this reminds me that I need to see Alien by Ridley Scott soon since I want to explore of more the world building that this film provides and I want learn more about Ripley as well.