Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top 25 Best/Memorable Film Experiences I've had during 2014: #10- #5

Well, I'm almost done with this list and I'm really excited to hear people's thoughts on this particular top ten best/ memorable film experiences for 2014.  Now, I will start the list before I ramble on too much.

5. Enter the Dragon ( 1973 film from Robert Clouse)

Enter the Dragon literally blew me away when I saw it last year and it one of those films that every action movie fan should see.  For example, Bruce Lee is just one of those martial arts star that is very memorable in many ways and I wish he had  more  of a legendary career as a martial arts superstar than he already had if he didn't die very young, but thankfully his legacy still lives on.  Also, this movie is just very different than your average martial arts movie and that why this movie still stands as a memorable experience that you wouldn't forget at all.  

6. The Matrix (1999 film from Lana and Andy Wachowski)

The Matrix is a pretty interesting movie and movie experience because of the world building made it so unique when it came to how the action scenes will play out in this movie.  To me, the reason why the world building was so unique is because this isn't something that I don't see that often anyways, so it makes you think of what can happen to the main characters in this movie. Also, Keanu Reeves fits perfectly with the martial arts related flicks pretty well since he knows how to be those types of characters very well and that's probably why you get so invested on how he fights the bad villains instead of being bored on his vanilla acting skills.

7. Rashomon (1950 film from Akira Kurosawa)

This movie really made me think a lot and I love that. The reason why is because there are many multiple perspectives on what really happened during a certain situation going on that reflects on these individual lives, which is great.  Basically, there is more things I can mention about this film, but I would recommend anyone who hasn't seen this to go blind because the more you know, the less awed you will be when you see this film on the first time.  

8. Robocop (1987 film from Paul Verhoven)

Action movies like Robocop are a rare breed in many ways for action flicks these days.  First, in most action movies today, you don't get the personal bond that makes you want to root for Robocop since you know so much about his personal background before he became a robot. Second, the violence is really gory, but it makes the film stand out because it gives you a idea how corrupt the government was in this fictional setting.  Finally,  the performance of Kurtwood Smith is just remarkable and it's easily one of those villainous performances that makes me think of him whenever I think about this movie.

9. Beauty and the Beast (1946 film from Jean Cocteau)

This film is a magical film in general.  The  special effects in this movie are just breathtaking since it was so creative for a time that were GCI didn't exist at all.  Also, the hard work from the people who did the effects made this film even more timeless as a classic.  Another thing that made this film really good is that I got sucked in to fantasy magicalness of this movie as well.  Finally, this movie did a fantastic job of making me sucked in to this movie as a first time viewer, and that's why this film is in the top ten.  

10. Before Trilogy (1995- 2013 trilogy from Richard Linkletter)

The Before Trilogy is easily one of the best trilogies that I have ever seen in my life.  First of all, I had a huge emotional connection with Jesse and Celine because I wanted to succeed so much after what they went through. Second, these films are so realistic to what can possibly happen in a relationship or how a person falls in love with someone and it makes the film ten times more believable in general.  Finally, the connection between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy makes these movie stand out the most in my and that's why this film made it to the top ten of my list.

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